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Noise Abatement Program


Noise Abatement Programs have been established at OIA and OEA. These programs include noise exposure reductions through establishment of:

  • Operational procedures
  • Federal legislation
  • Compatible land use plans

Most of these airport operating procedures were established and have been in effect since the late 1970's and early 1980's. Occasionally, minor modifications to these procedures occur when they are shown to reduce noise exposure to the overall community. Changes to operational procedures will result whenever a new runway is placed into operation. OIA plans to open a fourth runway in late 2003. Environmental and noise studies have been completed which establish the basis for its operation.

Federal legislation mandated air carrier/air cargo and aircraft manufacturers to stricter noise standards. Aircraft operators must comply with this legislation by the end of 2003. Existing aircraft which do not meet the new standards must be replaced or retrofitted (aircraft weighing over 75,000 lbs.). The resulting noise reduction would benefit communities affected by these aircraft serving OIA.

GOAA has acquired property in high noise exposure areas to improve the compatibility between off-airport land use and aircraft overflight activity. Local governments have enacted ordinances that require future development to be compatible with aircraft noise exposure. In addition, certain areas around OIA and OEA are subject to aviation easements, waiver of claim, and/or notice of aircraft activity. These represent forms of notification that overflights occur today or will occur in the future as a result of growth in aircraft activity and planned runway development. It should be noted that there are off-airport areas affected by aircraft operations that do not include a site specific notification.

Information concerning aircraft activity and noise exposure at specific sites can be obtained by contacting the Noise Abatement Officer (407) 825-2674.

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