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1/15/2004 - Scheduled Seat Capacity Rebounds to Pre-September 2001 Levels at Orlando International Airport

ORLANDO, FL The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) announced today that scheduled airline seats at Orlando International Airport (MCO) have rebounded to levels not seen since before September 2001, indicating positive future passenger activity.

"We are encouraged by the latest trends in scheduled seat capacity. This is yet another sign that Orlando International Airport and the Central Florida Region continue to be a desirable destination," commented C.W. Jennings, Executive Director for GOAA.

Published flight schedules show that in February 2004, MCO will have an average of 54,571 scheduled departing seats per day, equal to the capacity in February 2001, and 13.2 percent higher than in February 2003. This is the fourth consecutive month of double-digit growth in seat capacity at MCO, which reported a 10.4 percent increase in November, an 11.4 percent increase in December, and an 11.5 percent increase in January.

The increase of 6,343 scheduled departing seats in February 2004, compared to the previous year, is equivalent to an additional 45 Boeing 737 aircraft departing every day. Passengers will benefit from additional seats to several destinations including: Boston with over 840 additional seats per day, San Juan with over 700 additional seats per day, New York La Guardia with over 600 additional seats per day, and Dallas and Philadelphia with over 500 additional seats per day respectively.

Seat Capacity at Orlando International Airport

While year-end figures are not available at this time, it is expected that the airport could show a total traffic count of over 27 million passengers for calendar year 2003. However, a total of 26,741,093 passengers was reported in fiscal year 2003 (Oct. 1, 2002 Sept. 30, 2003) -- an increase of 2.9 percent over the previous year.

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For more information contact Carolyn Fennell at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, (407) 825-2055.


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