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5/11/2005 - State-Of-The-Art Iris Scanning Security Measures Employed at Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL. - Orlando International Airport is a test location for the Airport Access Control Pilot Program (AACPP). The program uses biometric technology to augment existing access control measures employed at a vehicle access point into secure areas of the airport by employees and vendors.

"As the busiest airport in Florida with over 32 million passengers over the past twelve months, Orlando International is always looking for ways to use technology to enhance security and customer service. By participating with federal agencies like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the airlines we are emphasizing security as our first priority," said C.W. Jennings, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

The AACPP uses previously provided biometric data to grant or decline access to secure areas of the airport. Audio prompted directions make the system easy and quick to use. This is another example of Orlando International using technology to meet the growing demand of increasing volume by employees, vendors and the traveling public.

The TSA is using the test data from this pilot program at Orlando International Airport to help determine future security enhancements at airports across the nation. The field test for this new technology will run through the summer of 2005.


For more information, please contact Carolyn Fennell, Director of Public Affairs, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at (407) 825-2055 or Lauren Stover, Public Affairs, Transportation Security Administration at (305) 597-7937.


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