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8/8/2006 - Bio-Diesel Powers Equipment at Orlando International Airport

ORLANDO, FL. The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, (GOAA) which operates the Orlando International Airport, (MCO) is one of the first governmental bodies in Central Florida to test the effectiveness and viability of bio-diesel fuel in daily applications and operations. MCO is testing the fuel in approximately 100 of its fleet vehicles. The test vehicles are using about 1000 gallons a day with no adverse affects.

The bio-diesel used by the airport is a blend of 20 percent bio-diesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel. This mixture is approved for use in tugs, trucks, buses and general diesel equipment because it can be used in commercial diesel engines with little or no modification.

"We continue to look for environmentally friendly, yet economically viable alternatives to meet our growing demand for fuel for various ground operations around the airport. Bio-diesel offers that unique blend of comparable price and quality that we were looking for," says Steve Gardner, Interim Executive Director for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Bio-diesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources such as soybeans and restaurant waste oil.

There should be no noticeable difference for visitors to Orlando International Airport from the clean burning bio-diesel fuel.

Orlando International Airport is the busiest passenger airport in the state of Florida with over 34.1 million travelers in 2005.

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For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at (407) 825-2055.


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