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12/21/2006 - Orlando International Airport Delivers Three Holiday Wishes

ORLANDO, FL. For the peak holiday travel season, visitors to Orlando International Airport have a choice in closeness and convenience for parking and passenger pick-up. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is poised and ready to make holiday travel experience wishes come true. The results of a year of adding and enhancing innovative programs and services throughout the airport are in place this holiday season to reduce wait times at security checkpoints, improve parking and pick-up options and offer travelers more shopping and healthy dining choices.

Innovations and improvements travelers at Orlando International will benefit from this holiday season include:


Express Pick-Up- This unique, innovative, passenger pick-up option allows E-Pass and SunPass users ONLY, the closest short term parking for passenger pick-up available anywhere. Simply follow the Express Pick-Up signs to the "A" or "B" terminals, enter into the building where the vehicle will be subject to a security inspection and then park along the inner curb to wait for arriving passengers.

Cell Phone Lot- Nearly 100 FREE waiting spaces are now available for drivers picking up passengers. Adjacent to the Red Satellite Lot, the new cell phone lot provides secure parking with access to FREE wireless internet services.

E-Pass and SunPass in Satellite Lots- Vehicles with transponders can now pay for parking in the Red and Blue Satellite lots with their E-Pass or SunPass accounts.

40 Minutes FREE Garage Parking- The amount of FREE parking in both the "A" and "B" garages has been increased from 30 to 40 minutes.

Expanded Parking in Gold Satellite Lot- Over 500 new parking spaces have been added to the Gold Satellite Lot. This enables more drivers to park securely on airport property with complimentary transportation to and from the terminal.


New Dynamic LED Signage- Four new large electronic signs on the main entrance and exit roads are illuminated 24 hours-a-day to help inform drivers of changing traffic patterns, availability of parking and road conditions.

1700 AM Radio- When entering airport property, drivers can now tune to 1700 AM on the radio and receive continuous updates about where to park, costs and general airport information.

Lynx Bus Relocation- Travelers using Lynx public transportation should encounter easier access to the terminal now that Lynx buses have been moved from the "B" to the "A" side allowing for quicker entrance and egress to the terminal. The move also facilitates smoother traffic flow for all vehicles on airport property.

New Internet Phone Stations- Another added convenience is a wish answered for internet users. Updated internet phone stations have been installed to give travelers access to the internet even if they don’t have a computer. This augments an enhanced FREE Wi-Fi service which is available almost anywhere in public use areas.


Customer Service Representatives- The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has an agreement with a private company to assist the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the moving of baggage at ticket counters. This program is designed to reduce checkpoint wait times by allowing more highly trained TSA employees to screen and process passengers.

CLEAR / Registered Traveler- With over 31 thousand members, the nations only operational registered traveler program continues to grow. The program, which uses biometrics such as iris scans and fingerprints, has been approved to go nationwide. CLEAR has also tested cutting edge technology including a shoe scanning machine that could one day make shoe removal a thing of the past at all of the nations airports.

Other unique offerings at Orlando International this holiday season include:

World-Class Art- A premier art collection including pieces from Doris Leeper, Duane Hanson, Trevor Bell and Richard Anuskiewicz.

Live Musical Concerts- The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Holiday Ensembles perform holiday music every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during December.

Last Minute Shopping- Over 30 specialty retail stores are available to meet all electronic, cosmetic, jewelry, book and novelty needs.

Award-Winning Dining Choices- Orlando International recently won top honors as being the nations Healthiest Airport from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for having the most restaurants that offer meals low in fat, high in fiber and cholesterol free.

Important Holiday Travel Tips:

Be aware of the TSAs 3-1-1 rule. THREE ounce bottles or less of liquids and gels, ONE clear plastic zip top bag to comfortably hold the three ounce containers and ONE bag per passenger allowed through security.

Do not wrap gifts. All packages are subject to search and inspection by the TSA.

Arrive Early. Arrive at least two hours early for domestic travel and three hours in advance for international trips.


Have patience and a Happy Holiday season!

In a recent survey, Orlando International Airport, the busiest airport in Florida, was rated as the favorite airport of American travelers according to TripAdvisor.com, the largest travel related community in the world.


For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at (407) 825-2055.


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