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8/15/2012 - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Considers $445.9 Million Budget for Fiscal Year 2013


ORLANDO, FL. - At its August meeting, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board (GOAA) considered a $445,882,000 preliminary fiscal year 2013 Aviation Authority budget. The budget total represents a 2.3 percent increase over the previous year. In addition, the Board considered Orlando Executive Airport’s $2,981,000 budget. The general aviation facility is also operated by GOAA.

“Even in this challenging economic environment, we feel comfortable this budget will enable us to address our customers’ needs, allow us to generate and maintain world-class facilities and foster economic development in a fiscally responsible manner,” said GOAA Executive Director Phil Brown.

This year’s budget continues to reflect the Authority’s strategy of generating 70 percent of its revenue from non-airline sources and the balance from airline lease agreements and landing fees. The landing fee set for signatory or long term lease carriers is $1.55 per 1,000 pounds of landed weight compared to $1.40 in FY2012. Orlando International will also maintain a competitive Cost Per Enplaned passenger (CPE) rate of $5.35 that is below the 25th percentile for large hub airports in the U.S. According to GOAA Chief Financial Officer Jackie Churchill, “Orlando International Airport’s low CPE as a percent of fare revenue continues to attract airlines.”

Cost centers considered in establishing the budget included: Airfield, terminal, buildings and grounds, hotel, ground transportation and Orlando Executive Airport. Airfield capital improvement projects include security upgrades and runway 18R-36L rehabilitation. Terminal projects include refurbishment of the moving walkways in the Main Terminal, ramp level security additions and east security screening checkpoint skylight refurbishment.

“The factors responsible for the net increase include signatory airline rentals, fees and charges increases, new concession agreements, an increase in rental car revenues and an increase in occupancy and average room rate at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport,” Churchill said.

Following consideration by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board, the budget goes to the City of Orlando for a public hearing. Final adoption by the Authority board is scheduled for September. The fiscal year begins October 1, 2012 and ends September 30, 2013.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Positions for $546 Million in Future Growth Projects

ORLANDO, FL. – The board of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) reviewed three projects of over $546 million in total program costs. The letters of interest for the projects or requests for qualifications will be released beginning in August. This begins the engineering and professional services portion of the proposed South Terminal “APM” (Automated People Mover) complex. The projects referenced are subject to approval by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board prior to any work being performed.

Project One:

Addition of second (north side) cell phone lot

Due to overwhelming popularity and demand, a second cell phone parking lot is being planned for Orlando International Airport. (MCO) The GOAA board at its August meeting, examined an $18 million request for proposal to design a new cell phone lot, permanent taxi and bus hold facility and construct a new return to terminal roadway system on the north side of the main terminal complex. The improvements are designed to reduce traffic congestion associated with re-circulating traffic and increase the efficiency of the arrivals curb, exit roads and return to terminal roads. The permanent taxi and bus hold facilities are needed to replace temporary facilities first opened in 2008.

Project Two:

Original Airsides 1 and 3 Automated People Mover (APM) Refurbishment

The Orlando International Airport north terminal complex is 30 years old and the two original airsides, 1 and 3, APM systems are scheduled for rehabilitation. As a component of an overall project to add a new APM system to the South Terminal “APM” complex, the Authority is considering a $58 million project to investigate replacing existing vehicles, their operational and control systems and APM running surface. The project requires full board approval.

Project Three:

South Airport “APM” Complex (Automated People Mover)

A request for qualifications is being prepared to go out for a $470 million expansion to the south of Orlando International Airport’s main terminal complex. This begins the engineering and professional services of what will eventually become an APM station, APM system, ground transportation center, 3500 space parking garage and the supporting roadway and infrastructure system. The new facility is being planned to meet forecasted expansion in the rental car ready-return spaces, predicted congestion in both the “A” and “B” parking garages and increased traffic on existing commercial curbs. This project also requires full board approval.


For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell or Rod Johnson in the Office of Public Affairs at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at 407-825-2055.


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