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8/30/2012 - "Share The Art" Showcases Airport Talent


ORLANDO, FL. - Orlando International Airport's commitment to providing a forum for encouraging and displaying the talents of local artists continues with the opening of the 7th Annual “Share the Art” Show.

Since 2005, Orlando International has partnered with the National Arts Program to showcase artwork by airport employees and their families . This year's show features more than 100 pieces by 62 artists working in multiple media.

Submissions were judged by art professionals and $2400 in prize money from National Arts was awarded to the top three finishers in each of the following six categories:


Best of Show

Jacky Cason/Gulf Hammock


1. Rick Alexander/Isle of Man
2. Glen Greene/Jungle Goddess
3. Patrick Eby/Tsunami
Honorable Mention - Julie Villanueva/Fiber Art Purse

1. Frantz Kalil/Flowers Vendor
2. Ania Antolak/Child
3. Dan Castillo/Birds & Worms Do Not Agree
Honorable Mention - Kathy Lundy/Blue Kettle



1. Hastings Huggins/Gator Pond
2. Tim Morgan/Tulips in the Swiss Alps
3. Morgan Villanueva/Bottle Tree
Honorable Mention - Jose Cruz/Sleepy Bye

Teen 13-18
1. Rosemarie Santiago/Boy & The Farmer
2. Laura C. Garcia de la Noceda/Birds of Paradise
3. Andrew Noad/Technicolor Wolf
Honorable Mention - Stephanie Spolar/Link

Youth 12 and under
1. Lydia Mentzer/An Underwater Glimpse
2. Kathryn Hollinger/Mystery Eye
3. Julianna Munoz/The Presidents
Honorable Mention - Breanna Harper/Bird

7th Annual "Share The Art" Show
7th Annual "Share The Art" Show
7th Annual "Share The Art" Show
"Share the Art" runs from Aug. 4 to Oct. 2, 2012. The show is open to the public daily from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the ARTport Gallery located in the Main Terminal, B Side adjacent to the Gates 60-129 Security Checkpoint.

           Local Time: 8:34 PM      Local Conditions:    ° F
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