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1/16/2013 - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board Begins New Year with New Texting Policy
and Movement on New Projects


ORLANDO, FL. – The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Board, at its January 2013 meeting, started the New Year addressing a number of public policy and future growth projects for Orlando International Airport.

GOAA Texting Policy
The Board today approved a policy prohibiting texting by Board Members regarding official Aviation Authority business. The new rules also expanded the blackout period for communication to staff and board for competitive projects and processes to apply to non-lobbyist participants.

The policy, directed by Chairman Frank Kruppenbacher in a December discussion, acknowledged a desire for transparency while realizing the issue of texting by public officials is complex because of individual cellphone carrier guidelines for maintaining and retrieving records for response to public records requests. The approved policy directs the board to not send text messages of any type regarding official Aviation Authority business and has a provision to inform third parties not to send text messages to GOAA board members.

“While we understand that receiving text messages cannot be totally controlled, in an abundance of transparency, board members are asked to notify the executive director in the event they receive a text message pertaining to Authority business,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Also the Board took action on prohibiting communications regarding the competitive process between any proposer, bidder, or competitor and aviation authority staff involved in the review or recommendation process of any proposal or bid. The time frame of prohibited communication covers the release of the invitation for the competition and continues through the Board’s decision regarding final award.

South Airport Automated People Mover Complex (APM) Projects
Board members also approved the process to proceed with future development at Orlando International Airport. The Board approved Lea and Elliott Incorporated for professional services for specialty automated people mover (APM) and passenger rail systems consulting services at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Their services will include planning, concept development and feasibility studies for new / modernization or expansion of existing systems; assessment of differing or alternate technologies; cost estimating; preparation of preliminary and final design documents; computer modeling and simulation of systems and stations.

Today’s approval clears the way for the Authority to enter into negotiations with Lea and Elliot for hourly rates and charges consistent with Authority policy.


The Board also said yes to another key component of the future South Airport Automated People Mover Complex. The purpose of the approved $470 million project is to assist in the expansion of the North Terminal capacity while providing an incremental link to the South Terminal.

“The project will accomplish this by expanding rental cars, ground transportation and parking while creating opportunities for additional concessions, a remote baggage check-in facility for Orlando International Airport and support facilities for a future intermodal station,” says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Approval was given for the recommendation of the Professional Services Committee to rank firms shortlisted for professional services as Major Sub-consultants to the Aviation Authority’s prime consultant, HKS Incorporated.

“In order to make the program as comprehensive as possible we agreed to a slightly different process that was very inclusive, thorough and deliberative. It involved selecting separately the prime designers, major sub-consultants, design, build, operate and maintainer for the APM system which increased the opportunity for small business to compete against their peers on a qualification basis which allowed the Authority to assemble the best qualified design team for the project,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. The project is scheduled for completion in 2015.

More than 200-attendees were involved in the Authority’s selection process with outreach events that spanned many months of participation. As a result, a ranking system became necessary after 32 letters-of-interest were submitted in response to the Authority’s advertisement. The firms with number one rankings are as follows and are based on a number of Authority criteria such as project approach, experience of firm, experience of key personnel, insurance, MWBE and LDB participation, licenses, financial analysis, claim information, Consultant’s Competitive Negotiation Act factors and references.

Small Business Participation Results

Prime Designer- Goal 17% MWBE & 5% LDB

HKS Incorporated- Proposed 30% MWBE and 10% LDB

Major Sub-Consultants

  • Structural Engineer - Garage: Goal 13% MWBE and 3% LDB Walker Parking Consultants/Engineers Inc.- Proposed 20% MWBE and 5% LDB
  • Structural Engineer - APM Complex: Goal 13% MWBE and 3% LDB Walter P. Moore and Associates Inc.- Proposed 20% MWBE and 10% LDB
  • Mechanical Engineer: Goal 15% MWBE and 5% LDB Matern Professional Engineering Inc.- Proposed 15% MWBE and 5%LDB
  • Electrical Engineer: Goal 15% MWBE and 2% LDB TLC Engineering for Architecture Inc.- Proposed 25% MWBE and 5% LDB
  • Civil Engineer: Goal 25% MWBE and 5% LDB Atkins North America Inc.- Proposed 27% MWBE and 6% LDB


For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell or Rod Johnson in the Office of Public Affairs at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at 407-825-2055.

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