Spring/Summer Travel Heats Up At Orlando International Airport in May

Press Release

ORLANDO, FL. – As summer vacation started for many students in May, so did vacation and convention plans for many families and business leaders and what better place to travel than the country’s most visited destination, Orlando, Florida. May passenger traffic reflected the popularity of the destination with over 3.7 million traveling through Orlando International  Airport    (MCO).

The largest increase came in domestic traffic as summer vacations started across all portions of the United States. Domestic passenger volume increased more than 6 percent while international traffic also climbed 3 percent for the  month.

“The access created by growth in domestic and international air service to the region stimulates job creation, economic development and leisure travel” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “The direct link between a strong international airport and a strong local economy cannot be denied.”

New domestic  and international  service also contributed to the increased  traffic.

May Statistical Traffic  Data:

  • Domestic traffic increased 6.08 percent for the month with 3,276,042 passengers at MCO
  • International traffic registered a gain of 3.0 percent in May with 479,887 total passengers
  • Combined overall passenger volume increased 5.68 percent with 3,755,929 total travelers at Orlando International
  • On a rolling 12-month basis traffic at Orlando International Airport has climbed 5.89 percent with a record 42,865,517  using MCO as their airport of  choice

Traffic Summary Report