Garage Parking Rates to Increase for First Time in Nearly a Decade at Orlando International Airport

Press Release
Parking garage at Orlando International Airport
Parking garage at Orlando International Airport

ORLANDO, FL.– The number one song in America was “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, the number one movie was Avatar and the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl championship. The year was 2009 and it was the last time that Orlando International Airport (MCO) increased parking rates.

After nine years of absorbing increasing operating costs and holding the line on parking fees, the board of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) authorized a price increase for airport parking garages. Prices will go up by $2 per day to a maximum of $19 per day for Terminal Top and the “A” and “B” garages and a maximum of $17 per day for the “C” garage starting October 1st. Remote economy parking rates in North Park Place and South Park Place remain unchanged at $10 per day and for those picking someone up from the airport, the popular North and South cell phone temporary parking lots remain a FREE option.

The additional increase is necessary to help offset the rising costs of operating and maintaining the garages, remote parking lots, cell phone lots and surface roads on airport property.

Orlando International will still be one of the most economical venues in Central Florida. All of the major theme parks charge $22 per day while the Amway Center’s Geico Garage charges $20 per event. MCO also charges less for parking than most airports in the country and across the state.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Parking Rate Adjustment:

(Q) When do the new parking rates go into effect?

(A) The new rates are effective October 1, 2018.

(Q) Which parking rates are changing?

(A) Rates for our airport garages are increasing. Terminal Top, “A” Garage and “B” Garage rates will increase from $17 per day to $19 per day. Rates for the “C” Garage will increase from $15 per day to $17 per day. Rates for all economy lots will remain the same at $10 per day.

(Q) Why are parking rates increasing?

(A) This is the first parking rate increase since 2009 at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Since that time, MCO has expanded and enhanced parking options and absorbed the increased operating and maintenance costs of all roadways, parking lots and parking structures.

(Q) Why is parking less expensive in the “C” garage than other airport parking facilities?

(A) Our new “C” Garage is less expensive because of its proximity to the main terminal building. All other parking garages are adjacent to the main terminal, which adds extra convenience, while the “C” Garage is a short 3 minute Automated People Mover ride away.

(Q) What if I park my vehicle before the rate adjustment occurs?

(A) Those parking prior to October 1 will pay the old daily rate. Anyone parking on or after October 1 will be subject to the new daily rate.

Basic MCO information:
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