Orlando International Airport Website Update Offers Travelers One-Stop Shop for Destination Information

Press Release

Orlando International Airport Website Update Offers Travelers One-Stop Shop for Destination Information

ORLANDO, FL. – As passenger traffic continues to rebound, Orlando International Airport is making it easier for travelers to plan their next adventure. In addition to showing which destinations they can jet off to and what airlines can get them there, images linked to the official visitors’ web site for each destination have been added as well as links to show what travel requirements may be in place, thanks to an extensive update to the airport’s website.

The US Service and International Service pages on OrlandoAirports.net have been updated to show which airlines have scheduled service to current domestic and international destinations. The New/Resuming Service page provides this information along with tentative service resumption dates for services scheduled to start in the coming months. The pages are designed for easy navigation, sorted by destination in alphabetical order, with the airlines providing non-stop service listed below. In addition to simply seeing what air service is available, passengers can click on the destination image to be taken directly to the official visitors’ site for each destination, or on the COVID-19 travel regulations link to easily access important Coronavirus related information about each destination.

As well as enhancing these existing pages on the web site, an Airfare Deals page has also been added to highlight some of the low fares which are currently being offered for travel to and from Orlando International Airport.

“Because of the pandemic, air service is in a state of constant flux. We want to provide timely information to assist the traveling public in their decision-making process,” said Phil Brown, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s Chief Executive Officer. “We monitor closely information sources on the latest changes in travel restrictions and flight availability to keep passengers and guests up to date. And we remain committed to assisting passengers who will travel through our clean and safe world-class facility.”

31 domestic services are scheduled to begin this month, including resumption of non-stop service to Memphis, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; and San Diego, California. Orlando International currently offers service to six international destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. All international service is subject to change based on federal travel restrictions and as more service becomes available that information will be shared on our website.

Under each domestic destination, the traveling public is able to click a link that will take them to the COVID-19 State and Territory Action Tracker, which is maintained by the National Governors Association. The Tracker includes information for each state including reopening strategies, mask requirements, restrictions on group gatherings and other pertinent information.

For people exploring international destinations, they will find easy access to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre. That website serves as a hub for international COVID-19 travel data, including is air service is operating at a specific country, who is or is not allowed to enter a country and if there are any quarantine regulations for travelers arriving to a country.

IATA supports aviation with global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.

“It’s important to not only make it clear where passengers can travel to from Orlando International Airport, but it’s important they have the latest health and safety information as it relates to that destination,” said Vicki Jaramillo, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s Senior Director of Marketing & Air Service Development.

Basic MCO Information: In 2019, Orlando International Airport welcomed more than 50 million annual passengers making it the busiest airport in the state and the 10th busiest in the U.S.