Passengers at Orlando International Airport’s New Terminal C Will Make Their Journey Guided by Stunning Airport-Wide Digital Communication

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Bold visual communication strategy will accompany travelers across the airport with content, video walls and solutions by Synect

ORLANDO, Fla., (July 12, 2022) Visual communication at Orlando International Airport (MCO) Terminal C will welcome, engage and assist airport passengers from ticketing to gates and beyond. Airport visitors will encounter helpful, dynamic information and vivid multimedia content on massive video walls and connected digital displays, which will guide them across their full passenger journey. Smart passenger communication includes automatically updated dynamic travel information. The information responds to airport data in real-time, and it is presented inside engaging ultra-high-definition video that celebrates the region and brands the airport experience.

Terminal C Visualizations:

Figure 1. Terminal C Visualizations


The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) and Synect are developing the content for September 2022, when the new Terminal C facility opens to passengers. It embodies MCO’s Orlando Experience® design concept, and it is driven by Synect’s Passenger360® approach and digital signage platform. Passengers will experience the Passenger360 program throughout the terminal, including:

  • Ticketing
  • Security
  • Info Desks
  • Concessions
  • Gates
  • Arrivals
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • International and domestic baggage claim
  • Ground transport
  • Wayfinding throughout the terminal

The Passenger360 system can address thousands of changes per second, such as flight or weather changes, and it equips passengers with reliable, curated information to empower them on their journey. The content strategy includes live-action video footage of Orlando and the Central Florida region, engaging animations, high-visibility wayfinding, changing travel data, seasonal celebrations and more. It blends dynamic airport information about flights and facilities with eye-catching video to entertain and delight passengers and enhance operations. Approximately 874 connected digital displays will play the content across the airport at sizes as large as 52K. Every piece of content is custom created to fit the vision, brand and digital canvases of the new Terminal C.

“We put the focus on the passenger in every design decision at Terminal C, which is the result of extensive airport communication innovation between GOAA and Synect,” says Tom Draper, GOAA Chief of Operations. “The program will help engage passengers at the major touchpoints of their journey while reflecting real-time airport activity including estimated wait times.”

The Terminal C program connects to the visual communication system in the North Terminal. Content and operations are centrally managed using Synect’s Passenger360 solution. Passenger360 integrates with MCO’s airport operations center (AOC), enabling digital messaging and content updates automatically based on dynamic, changing airport activity like flight schedules, wait times, weather, potential emergencies and more.

“Modern travelers live in a smartphone-enabled, ultra-high-definition world, which shapes their expectations for visual communication. Orlando International Airport is exceeding those expectations by empowering their journey with a smartphone-like approach across massive digital canvases powered by Passenger360,” Synect CEO Yahav Ran said. “We are grateful for more than seven years of visual communication innovation with MCO as it continues to establish itself as one of the brightest, boldest airport destinations in the world.”

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About Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport (MCO) is managed by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. MCO ranks 7th in the nation and is the busiest airport in Florida serving 40 million passengers annually. The airport’s Capital Improvement Program includes an innovative 15-gate Terminal C opening in September. Featuring innovative technology and a unique top level customer arrival experience, the new facility will accommodate an additional 10-12 million annual passengers and connect to an intercity rail to other Florida destinations in the future.

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