Rental Cars

Orlando is the largest rental car market in the world, with most of the major car rental companies located on-airport, without the need for a shuttle bus to pick up your rental car. The on-airport rental car companies are located in Terminal A and Terminal B, Level 1 (Ground Transportation).

Orlando International Airport offers airline check-in services on level “R1” of the parking garages where rental cars are returned. The Parking Garage A location is located on the west end and the Parking Garage B location is on the east end (i.e. the ends nearest the entrance ramps).


Rental Car

On Airport


Gas (Petrol) Stations

The Shell station at our South Travel Plaza offers competitively priced gas. It is located on the south entrance/exit road at the junction of Jeff Fuqua Blvd. and South Park Place, opposite the Train Station.
Please see the Parking Map for more details.